Discover What's Yours

What should we do...
...with all of the learning that we have accomplished?  How do we apply this vast store of information to the world, to better ourselves and, through that growth, better the world around us?

Our spring schedule prioritizes opportunities to face ourselves and grow from what we learn in in both introspective and community-building encounters.  While on expedition with fellow gappers or on a forest solo; in the gap community house or out of a tent on trail; and as a steward of the land, in the kitchen, or on the high ropes course, put new tools for purposeful self-development to work in this critical juncture of your development.

Spring Gap at Glen Brook welcomes thoughtful, adventurous high school graduates with a strong desire to develop a larger perspective and a sense of purpose. We cultivate avid, self-guided seekers. Thoughtful leaders. Those wanting to lead a principled life, and leave the world just a bit better than they found it


The Gap curriculum and community co-created an entirely new way of living for me: one that embraces intention, gratitude, and challenge.  Connections to and stewardship of the land - whether this be through farming or a solo in the woods - cultivated deeper connections to and stewardship of myself.  I would not have been able to access this anywhere else. Glen Brook is family! - Sofie S., Spring ‘17
  • Start your spring by diving deep into questioning the relationships between people, place, and environment
    • Build camp for our 5-day land-based orientation in the Glen Brook forest
    • Experiment with bushcraft basics while learning the land where we live
    • Participate in discourses on human psychology and ecological philosophy
    • Orient to the program, our cohort, and your self

Embodied Living

I felt a very deep connection to the earth and plants and animals while I was at Glen Brook and felt that I was part of a sustainable movement in the world. This part of the program gave me so much peace and happiness. -Phoebe E., Spring ‘17

The Self

mindfulness practices are woven into our daily rhythms, as well as into each area of the program.  Through mind-body stress reduction techniques, such as yoga and meditation, you'll develop your own personal tools for mental and emotional hygiene, to rely upon whenever challenges arise.

The Community

  • Call the Gap House your home alongside your spring cohort
  • Join the wider Glen Brook community for games, potlucks, and adventures

The Land

The woods are the perfect setting for training in leadership, responsibility, and planning.  Countless thinkers, scientists, and writers have returned time and again to wild places to rejuvenate their inner lives and set off on important internal discoveries.  Glen Brook's 250-acre wood and private lake will be your backyard for short outings, engaging practical lessons, and other escapades. As part of your practical experience, you will also prepare and plan your own expedition into the beautiful wilds of New England during the height of autumn's colors. Regular opportunities for reflection and introspection will help you clarify what is truly important to you.

Place-Based Apprenticeship

I learned how to feel confident in the kitchen and I learned so much about my human relationship with food. I felt that a lot of my values and views of the world changed through the Culinary Arts program. -Phoebe E., Spring ‘17

Our place-based apprenticeships are not like standard internships.  The apprenticeships draw both on age-old models and new educational insights that recognize the natural world as a vehicle for potent interdisciplinary learning.  These experiences connect you with different experts in different capacities, covering four main tracks:


Practical Arts

Who doesn't want a Mr. or Ms. Fix-it around?  Woodworking, construction, budget-balancing, and writing a business proposal are just some of the practical skills that you may explore as means of developing personal responsibility.  An independent life is one that doesn't rely on other people to take care of things for youyou can do it yourself.  Through dedication to these practical skills, you'll gain not only competency in these areas, but also the confidence to learn whatever skills you may need in the future.

Experiential Education



The fall is harvest time, when we bring in and put up what we've grown, and when we prepare for the coming winter. is a fertile environment for learning interdependency and reciprocity in regards to our food and in being conscious consumers.After regular maintenance of the farm, gardens, and animals, and after learning the subtle science behind the art of growing food, you cannot help but cultivate a strong connection with the land.   

Mind and body

Some things for your mind and body

Learn by Doing

By working alongside committed professionals in these fields, you will learn by doing, gaining an appreciation for your capability that comes from fulfilling stewardship.  All Place-Based Apprenticeships connect you to professionals of diverse disciplines and are supported by ongoing mentorship by the program leaders.

Deep Dive

Spring Gap at Glen Brook was not only the perfect end to my gap year, but also the perfect beginning to a new way of exploring the world and my place within it. - Sophie S., Spring '17

Your Gap at Glen Brook experience ends with your Deep Dive project.  An independent project generally associated with your Apprenticeship, the Deep Dive is a chance to take real ownership over your experience and create an authentic capstone project.  How will you know that you've accomplished what you set out on your gap year to do?  Your Deep Dive project is the answer to that question.