Fall and Spring Gap Semester Programs


Core Program:
What Will I Do?


Fall and Spring Gap Semester Programs


Core Program:
What Will I Do?

Explore below to see how "The How" all comes together on program:


Make a clean break from your every-day life with a week on the land in the Glen Brook forest

  • Build camp for our 5-day land-based orientation in the Glen Brook forest

  • Experiment with bushcraft basics while learning the land where we live

  • Participate in discourses on human psychology and ecological philosophy

  • Orient to the program, your cohort, and your self


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What could you discover...

"Gap at Glen Brook changed my life, and I know that sounds cheesy. The curriculum taught me to think deeply about my life and self...I feel like it has never left me. - Phoebe E., '17

Crafting the Art of Personal Responsibility


The Gap curriculum and community co-created an entirely new way of living for me: one that embraces intention, gratitude, and challenge. - Sofie S., ‘17


Our semester is divided into three multi-day intensives, where we forge our authentic identities through:

  • Deliberate Wondering — to articulate your values, identify your goals, and take self-directed steps towards them with consistent daily practices and rituals

  • Radical Self-Care and Emotional Development — to map your emotional landscape and identify the holes in your wholeness

  • Identity Work — to understand the fullness of your story, where you come from, and how it informs your present life


Sustaining That Which Sustains Us


"The Glen Brook property is truly a special place on earth, I am so thankful to have gotten a chance to reconnect with the earth there."  Sophia D., ‘16


Practice Homestead Skills for a Hand-Made Life

  • The Alchemy of Cooking: gain self-sufficiency and confidence in the kitchen, creating whole-food meals from scratch

  • Practical Arts: build a basic understanding of tool use, introductory construction concepts, and working with wood

  • Farm Life: grow your knowledge of the principles of small-scale agriculture and raising food

  • Foundational Finance: establish a basic financial education and learn to manage your personal resources

Develop Village-Mindedness to become a Community Builder

  • Transform the way you consider conflict through the principles of Non-Violent Communication

  • Rouse your inner voice with workshops in Giving and Receiving Feedback with peers, leaders, and with your original written work

  • Hone your leadership skills as Leader of the Week while in camp, and as Leader of the Day while on Expedition

  • Strengthen your emotional capacities and awaken your authentic feeling life

  • Join the wider Glen Brook community for games, gatherings, projects, and adventures

Place-Based Apprenticeships

Our Place-Based Apprenticeships are not like standard internships, but draw both on age-old models and new educational insights that recognize practical experience as a vehicle for potent interdisciplinary learning.  As the program progresses, you will select an Apprenticeship in one of several tracks, including: 

  • The Farm and Garden track

  • The Culinary track

  • The Experiential Educator track

Much of your time will be spent in these Apprenticeships, depending on the requirements of each track.  As an apprentice, you will need to be increasingly independent and self-motivated as you learn by doing alongside the crafts-people that live and work here at Glen Brook.


Delving Into Our Wild Nature


Honestly, I think the canoe trip was one of the most important experiences of my life so far. It's something I will forever remember and cherish in my heart. I believe that trip had a profound impact on my life and self. - Cameron J. '16

  • Day-Trips and Multi-Day Expeditions — to revel in wild places, and to put our various learnings to the test

  • Intentional Wandering — to romance your curiosity through solo time in nature, and to get stoked about being outside!

  • Local Ecology and Natural History — to foster partnership with the natural world

  • Creative and Expository Writing Intensives — to give voice to emerging self-discoveries

  • Culminating Solo Quest — a multi-day inner journey on the land


Deep Dive

"Amazing, really, how much was accomplished and how much confidence and independence our son gained."  - Lanny S., ‘16 parent

Both semesters end with an independent project called the Deep Dive, where you will develop your own project to explore a particular area of interest.  These projects are as varied as your cohort of fellow gappers! 

Here are some examples of past projects:

  • A study and presentation on satisfaction through work

  • A self-designed 'zine of gapper-written essays

  • Serving as a teaching assistant at our local public school

  • A solar dehydrator for the farm

  • A 4-day solo backpacking trip, ending right at the Gap House

  • A focused study of cooking flavors, and a quick-dish cookbook


Dates and Rates


Dates and Rates

Dates and Rates


Dates and Rates

Dates for Fall 2019:

Start: Saturday, September 7th
End: Sunday, November 24th
Now Accepting Applications

Fall Tuition:

$11,500 all-inclusive fee