Our program is built in four directions:


Embodied Living

We take "radical" in its old meaning "to the root," or: hard to blow over in a storm.  Radical and courageous personal development underscores the core questions of a gap year: What is worth striving for?  What is necessary for an authentic life?  What does it mean to be an adult?


Stewardship is the primary way that we understand viscerally all that we are connected to.  We work with our bodies and our hands to tend our farm, our forests, and the program facilities that make up our home.  In this we can learn to see our selves as made up of the world and the world made up of our selves. 

Wild nature

Living at Glen Brook offers a unique opportunity to directly interact with the local ecology over time, as well as to realize that  we are deeply responsible to, and for, the more-than-human world.  While you build naturalist skills, belay one another on our on-site ropes course, and plan a multi-day canoe expedition, you may begin to see yourself reflected in the wild places, and they in you.

community Life

The virtues of "independence" are often touted, but we choose instead to be guided by the principle of interdependence.  We reinforce this principle with team-building initiatives in our cohort, through gatherings and projects with the wider Glen Brook community, and by offering our creative services in partnership with local social initiatives in the Monadnock region. 


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